Medtronic Guardian CGM Order

Guardian Link 3, Transmitter Kit 1/Box

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Guardian Link 3, Transmitter Kit 1/Box (For 630G & 670G) MMT-7810NA, Guardian Link 3 Transmitter Kit 1/Box (For 770G) MMT-7910NA/MNA

Guardian Connect Transmitter 1/Box


Guardian Connect Transmitter (Not Pump Compatible)

Measures sensor glucose 24/7 and sends alerts when a high or low is detected. Without predictive alerts turned on, it has a 90.5% hypoglycemia detection rate (when worn on the abdomen).

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Guardian Sensor 3, 5/Box

Sensor is inserted right under the skin, which allows for measuring glucose values accurately and relays these results to your diabetic pump. You can also wear the Guardian Sensor up to 7 days!

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Guardian Sensor 3, 5/Box (For 670G and 630G) MMT-7020A, Guardian Sensor 3, 5/Box (For 770G) MMT-7020LA/MLA


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