Freestyle Libre 2 CGM System

Freestyle Libre 2


• Now with optional, real-time glucose alarms† that notify you if you go too low or too high
• Unsurpassed 14 day accuracy¹ for adults and children with diabetes (ages 4 and older)
• No confirmatory fingersticks* required for insulin dosing-even when glucose is low, falling, or rapidly changing1
• Easiest iCGM to apply†² with no in-person patient training required
• More affordable CGM§ at one-third the cost of other CGMsll


• A continuous glucose monitoring system FDA-cleared for adults and children with diabetes ages 4 years and above
• Easily check your glucose levels with a painless³# one-second scan instead of a fingerstick*
• A painless³# 1-second scan instead of fingersticks*
• Clinically proven outcomes⁴ for children and teens (age 4 and older)#
• Accurate¹, up-to-the-minute sensor readings
• Alarms† with no scanning
• Optional real-time glucose alarms† with accuracy1 you can trust
• Proven accuracy¹ for children and teens (ages 4 and older) that caregivers can trust


• 95% of Freestyle Libre 2 users report having a better understanding of his or her glucose fluctuations#,⁵
• 92% of users feel the Freestyle Libre 2 system makes managing meal-time glucose easier#,⁵

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