Welcome to Southeast Diabetes

The mission of Southeast Diabetes is to help people better manage their diabetes by making the latest technology available to them. Southeast Diabetes is an Alabama based company located in the city of Birmingham. We provide supplies for the leading insulin pump brands such as Medtronic (MiniMed), Animas, Insulet (OmniPod), Roche (Accu-Chek), and Tandem, as well as Continuous Glucose Monitors, and all major testing supply brands. Our goal is to assist the lives of those who suffer with diabetes by providing the supplies prescribed by their clinician to help treat their diabetes.

Our Products

MiniMed® 630G System

The clearly smarter way to avoid highs and lows.

OmniPod Insulin Management

Just Two Pieces. POP and PDM.

Accu-Chek Spirit Combo

ACCU-CHEK® and Bluetooth® Tech.

MiniMed® 670G System

The world’s first hybrid closed loop system.

t:slim Insulin Pump

Simple, small, advanced, green, durable.


No weekly sensor self-insertions.

Medtronic Guardian Connect CGM

The clearly smarter way to avoid highs and lows.

t:flex™ Insulin Pump

Finally, the right fit, so small, so discreet.

Dexcom G6® CGM

Real-time glucose readings, on your smart device.

Freestyle Libre

You can do it without finger sticks.

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